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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): A more restrictive programme of independence celebration activities is now being offered by the government, with the very active Hurricane season being blamed for that development.

“What we have done as you’ve rightly said having regard to the weather, the hurricanes, Irma which did damage and Jose which threatened us, we have taken the decision that the national attention ought not to be distracted at this time. And having regard to the limited resources that are available in times like these that we had to have a restricted programme.”

Monday’s Cabinet visit to the schools is one of the casualties, Prime Minister Timothy Harris has explained, confirming that the visit was cancelled.

He also spoke of other activities being dropped.

“We would have had the Prime Minister’s Independence Lecture series also taking place this evening, we have had to postpone that or one could say cancel that, but we are thinking later in the year we will have someone come in to present a Prime Minister’s Lecture on an issue related to our own development. The Defence Force Flag Raising Ceremony which was planned for today, that too has been cancelled and there should have been on September 12th, the National Fruit Day and the reopening of our national ICT Center at the Industrial Site, those events have been postponed rather than cancelled. So at a later date we will say to the public when we will have the grand opening of our ICT Center.”

However some key events are being retained.

“I’m happy to report that Tuesday (September 12) the National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving that is going to take place at the Methodist Church, I think that’s Seaton Street, Basseterre. And we are inviting all and sundry who can make it out to come be part of this special service as we seek to unite, rebuild and acknowledge God’s providence in the passage of the storm so far. And then we are going to have on September 16, our National Heroes Day activity, this will take place of course at our National Heroes Park , that’s on Saturday, on the 17th we’re going to have the Independence State service and this will be held in Nevis at the Methodist Church in Charlestown. Always the parade on the 19th has been one that everyone looks forward to and this September 19th we’re expecting thousands of people to gather at Warner Park to celebrate our independence and to see our security forces on parade and at their finest behavior on that particular day.”

September 19 is Independence Day.

One of the Prime Minister’s messages for the occasion, that independence requires hard work, industry, productivity and creativity on the part of the nation’s people.

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