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St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); Members of the media and some sectors of the public are seriously questioning the integrity of the information being disseminated by police relating to criminal activity.

The Public Relations Office of the Police Force this week issued two separate press releases in as many days relating to the alleged recovery of an illegal weapon on Nevis.

The releases however, gave two totally different accounts of the incident.

On Wednesday (Oct 5) police claimed a good citizen had turned the weapon over to police, then on Friday they claimed a patrolling unit seized the weapon off an individual.

Wednesday’s police press release stated “The Gingerland police were approached by a resident who presented them with a rifle which was in pieces, including a number of rounds and ammunition. The firearm and ammunitions were taken into custody. The resident was shown gratitude for their understanding in keeping our communities safe.”

Friday’s release read “While conducting searches on random vehicles, the patrol stopped and searched a resident of Ramsbury Site, Nevis, and discovered and seized a MagTech .22 Air Rifle with a large amount of pellets. The resident and the find were taken into police custody.”

The release issued Friday said it was an amended version of a previous release which contained an error. There was no explanation forthcoming for the conflicting reports.

Media workers have over the past few weeks voiced their dissatisfaction with the lack of timely information coming from the police. Several reported incidences of serious crimes, including an alleged police shooting, have gone unreported by the Police Force, and when police press releases are issued, they are sent days after the offences took place.



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