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Marchers point fingers at Douglas

Jean Condor address demonstrators in Independence Square Wednesday evening

St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN):  Wednesday’s march through the streets of Basseterre was one with many facets.  One of the driving forces behind it was clearly the Peoples Action Movement.  But a significant number of women had indicated and made good on their pledge to make their presence felt, in the interest, they insisted of protecting democracy in St Kitts and Nevis.

One of the speakers at the vigil that followed the march, the wife of Peoples Labour Party Deputy Leader Sam Condor, Jean Condor, reflected that it had been a long haul.  She suggested that it was the alleged intransigence of Prime Minister Douglas that had forced people into forging a bond of unity.

Mrs. Condor praised former government ministers Dwyer Astaphan, her husband Sam and Dr. Timothy Harris for having played a crucial role in the process.

“We have been vindicated.  The people who stood up and said that wrong is wrong, and today you bless our hearts.  We are standing for you!  And we believe you understand that.  You understand that, and it’s been a long trek.  It hasn’t just started.  Comrade Dwyer over there started and those guys have tried their best before they came out, to try and bring people back on track, about this country.  The people of the country are the people who are suffering, and we need to come together, and so I want to give all high praise to Dwyer, and Sam and Tim.”

Deputy PAM leader Eugene Hamilton told WINN FM following the march that people as a united force could make a difference.

“We will continue to agitate.  We will have other actions and activities I the coming weeks, that will demonstrate to the world that we have enough of Denzil Douglas.”

Deputy Leader of the People's Action Movement Eugene Hamilton

He opined that that the Prime Minister long knew that his days in office were numbered.

“He’s lingering and lingering on because he has nowhere else to go, but I think he knows fully well since December that it’s over for him.”

Mr. Hamilton said that even if the PAM had not been granted permission for the march at the last minute, they had already decided that they were taking to the streets.  The Deputy Leader expressed the view that the party would get permission for marches in the future.

“You see I think the Commissioner understands why we asked him to review his decision, in that the reason he gave, in our view did not conform with the law.”

Marchers demonstrate over delay in the tabling of the Opposition-filed Motion of No Confidence

And many of the women who took part in the march were very vocal about their opposition to the Prime Minister.

“Things hard in this life here.  I want something to put in me bread.  I can’t get to put in me bread.  I got to eat dry bread,” one woman said.

“We are marching for our freedom and our rights.  Douglas have to go, and this ain’t no doubt about it, we really mean it,” said another.

“I marching to get rid of Douglas!” Some cried.

“I marching because the place is too hard.  We want bring back some decency to our country,” a protester told WINN FM.

Another said she was happy.  “…Because look at the crowd that they ain’t expect.” 

The show of strength on the streets of the capital has been described by some as a historic event that brought together people of different political backgrounds to tackle what they regard as a threat to democracy in the country.



-1 #7 Kittian 2013-06-29 07:14
I am happy that we got the approval and we all march for principle. However, i hope if a Unity government wants to legalize gay and lesiban relationships we would march in full force against the unity govt to and in full force.
+3 #6 BJ 2013-06-28 15:10
Duggie is almost flat!!!
-19 #5 DM 2013-06-27 20:44
What is striking about all the comments in the article is that everyone is focused on removing Douglas. NOT A SINGLE word about what they would do in office.

I submit that people will not just vote against something.

So what are these guys FOR?
+24 #4 Joe Frazer 2013-06-27 17:43
Denzil labour and his yes men have no more purpose but to get out of the way.They have the record for everything including one of the highest national debt worldwide.Now they break a new record called TIME WASTING.Them dey a mauby Froth.
+25 #3 Ano Bano 2013-06-27 17:05
The people of St Kitts should boycott the festival!! - that will be a powerful message to Mr Skerritt and others that this is not about "noticement" - it is about that we are tired of the oppressive cost of living and we demand better and more committed public servants!! Where are we to find the money from to come out and enjoy three nights of music? How are we to eat a decent Sunday meal the day after?

Skerritt is so out of touch with the plight of the ordinary man. He does not know real need and hunger. I cannot understand how educated men could be so cold and heartless, propping up wrong-doing because it benefits their pockets and life style while the masses continue to suffer.

The question remains "Who will really make a difference for the people of this country - who is really seriously ready to look at the peoples' issues and concerns and proactively do something meaningful for ALL regardless of their political views?"
+25 #2 Jacqueline 2013-06-27 16:24
Ricky is a small minded man and that how he will stay went the Unity Government get into office he will turn against labour because that how he do.I am happy to see all those pictures with and Pam and Labour coming together for one cause to get rid of THAT man and his yes men them. Yesterday my people made me so very proud.Unity all the way.That man it is time for you to GO
+25 #1 Mercedes 2013-06-27 15:52
It was disappointing to hear Ricky at the Music Festival Press Conference this morning, taking cheap jabs at the marchers yesterday. He said it was "a small protest by people looking noticement". Instead of acting in harmony, and especially in light of the fact that the festival is about to start, and we all know that music has healing powers, but he was just mean-spirited.

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