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Governor General Urged To Act On Loss Of Parliamentary Majority Matter


St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The federation’s governor general is being urged by the country’s official opposition to deal with the current parliamentary stalemate.

The call comes in the wake of Prime Minister Denzil Douglas describing as a joke, an attempt by six opposition MPs to get Governor General Sir Edmund Lawrence to respond to their letter explaining that the six now represent the majority of elected parliamentarians in the House.

They contend that the prime minister has lost the right to govern because he no longer has the support of the majority of elected representatives.

The Governor General has to date been silent on that matter, and the opposition leader in the federal parliament, Mark Brantley, says that is just not good enough.

 “The Governor General as Head of State has been advised since I believe the 13th day of February that the majority of elected parliamentarians do not support the prime minister and indeed support the honorable Dr Timothy Harris,” Brantley told WINN FM.

He indicated that he was not clear on why Sir Edmund had not responded to date.

“Because clearly with some indication such as that he has an obligation to respond to the opposition to indicate his position,” the opposition leader said.

 “He has not responded but perhaps the prime minister is now speaking for the Governor General.  I am hopeful that that is not the case and that the Governor General will in fact exercise his authority as head of state,” Brantley said.

A defiant Prime Minister Douglas warned this week that any attempts to remove him from office on the premise being advanced by opposition alliance Team Unity would be stoutly resisted.

“No governor general is constitutionally empowered to take that action.  And if that action is taken the Labour Party will demonstrate who is in charge and who really has the majority of support in this country,” Prime Minister Douglas said on his radio programme this week.

According to Opposition Leader Brantley, the governor general should address the matter in his capacity as head of state.

Brantley is reiterating his position, despite the opposite view held by the prime minister, that the governor general has a role to play in the current impasse.

The prime minister also contends that his Labour Party won 60 per cent of the popular vote in the last election in 2010, and says he won’t allow the SKNLP to be pushed aside because two of his former ministers are dissatisfied with his leadership.

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0 #6 FEDERATION 2014-04-05 15:45
Send the joker packing, this is not hollywood.
+9 #5 K 2014-04-04 07:34
Sorry because if I am correct in St kitt-nevis one cannot vote for a party. Maybe it has changed but I worked for the state in 2 elections and was told if someone comes in to vote for a party we cannot allow them to vote one can only vote for a person. Let me tell what Duggie want is for them to resign then call the vote of no confedence then declare him and his party winner .Why should these guys resign, all the government should id call new elections. Harris was kicked out by duggie so let him call new general elections. To me it's what the bible what one does some day will come back to you. To answer your question the law if doggie knew he would win the V.O N C he would have all ready called it. I thought the constitution was the law of the land and its clear. Forget the gimmicks about it's so call no time specified . Every commonwealth country with the same constitution does get it but st kitts government but if it was the other way around you would have been told to bring ur kids to town and let stone them out with bottles and rock, just as it was said the other labour will not go .The labour leader is a lier and a thug.
-9 #4 DM 2014-04-03 20:07
What clause in the Constitution allows for what Brantley and others on the opposition benches are advocating?

Are they suggesting that they are above the supreme law of the land and thus the GG should make unconsitutional actions to put them into government?

Why would Timothy and Sam not resign and face the electorate? The PM has said he would resign if those 2 are to win in elections. Why not do that?
+11 #3 charlie 2014-04-03 13:07
What you people expect it was the same man running around with the country with doggie telling the people that they should agree with him to sell there country. The GG is a tool of douggie and Douggie knows it so he can talk what he want.
+12 #2 Puppet Master 2014-04-03 12:39
Puppets cannot be asked to 'Act' on their own. They are at the mercy of their puppet masters. If the master says 'hush', the puppet will remain silent
+12 #1 Joe Frazer 2014-04-03 12:30
I am now convinced that the PM is losing his mind.What he has not learnt about life is that WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND THE EARTH IS A FULL CIRCLE nothing last FOREVER.

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