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St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); Minister of Public Works in the NIA Alexis Jeffers says following rolling and unscheduled electricity outages in Nevis over the past few weeks, power has returned to all areas, and the power supply is expected to be more stable going forward.

Residents have complained of extended unscheduled power outages which triggered water outages as well.

On Sunday there was a planned power outage to allow for the installation the newly acquired 3.85 megawatt Wartsila engine, which Minister Jeffers says should alleviate the problem.

Minister Jeffers, speaking with WINN FM on Wednesday (July 26):

“Power is on in all of the different parishes and constituencies throughout the entire island of Nevis. We haven’t had any power outages since Sunday when it was returned after some work in preparation for the commissioning of the new 3.85 megawatt generator to be done over the next couple of weeks. 

“So the work that was done was in preparation of what is to come over let’s say, the next month.

“We don’t anticipate any major difficulties moving forward, because there were some issues with some generators there that go back as far as 1983 in terms of age, and some of those issues have been ironed out, and I can certainly say the power is much more stable and much more reliable at this time.”

WINN FM: “What would you want to say to affected consumers and the people of Nevis?”

Jeffers: “Of course persons do not like to be inconvenienced and as a government we have been wo4king assiduously to ensure that all utilities that we provide, from the government standpoint, are up to par and meet the requirements of the people of Nevis.

“We must understand that we’re working with machinery that breaks down from time to time. Indeed I want to say to the general public here on Nevis that the Concerned Citizens Movement government has always put the interest of the people of Nevis first and foremost. What I would say though is we’ve perhaps faltered along the way in terms of ensuring that the proper communication gets out to the general public and that is something we have to work at to make sure it improves. 

“That being said, I want to thank the people of Nevis for their patience…We have grown accustomed to having reliable electricity and water supplies; there’ve been some hurdles in recent weeks or recent months, we have ironed out some of those difficulties and I wan t to say moving forward is that we are putting the situation with both water and electricity in a much better position, and persons would realize that over the next couple of weeks as we mo e into the Culturama season and beyond.” 


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