(Barbados Today) Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development Donville Inniss has weighed in on the public row between his Cabinet colleague, Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler, and Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados Dr DeLisle Worrell.

However, unlike his other colleague, Minister of Housing Denis Kellman, who on Friday made it clear that Government would not back down in its efforts to fire the Governor, Inniss did not come out in support of Sinckler.

Instead, Inniss Sunday told a joint meeting of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) St James Central, St James South, St Michael North and St Michael North East branches that neither the under-pressure Sinckler nor the embattled Worrell was bigger than Barbados.

“Today there is this issue with the Governor of the Central Bank versus the Government and Minister of Finance. They say these matters are before the court and therefore you should not speak on them but there are so many matters before the court that if you are told not to speak on any of them, you would have nothing to say on anything in this country . . . . What I would simply say is that Barbados is bigger than Dr DeLisle Worrell, Barbados is bigger than Chris Sinckler, Barbados is bigger than Donville Inniss . . . it is bigger than each one of us,” the minister said.

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0 #2 George Thomas 2017-05-22 03:56
While Minister Donville Inniss's ignorance can be fixed, it is sad that his stupidity cannot. It is commonly known that the USA is now governed by a collection of morons, people-stupid-b elow-the-meanin g-of-stupid, voted into power by people who are extremely gullible and inattentive. They are all believers of the Fake News, Propaganda and “False Flags” fed to them by the mainstream US media, which is controlled by big business. It is shameful to have Donville Inniss taking Barbados and the Barbadian People down the same gutter. Donville Inniss is a disgrace to Barbados and to humanity. With regard to his comment about Venezuela, and by extension Cuba, if this sad excuse for a Minister has a shred of decency in him, he would apologize and resign.
0 #1 George Thomas 2017-05-22 03:55
(History has proven that Capitalism can't resolve the world’s problems. Imperialism, as the highest stage of capitalism, does not bring about a world of peace and mutual cooperation but rather one of intensified conflict, violence and war. The blame for the Venezuelan economic crisis rests on the United States empire and its imperialists, and the collaborating Venezuelan rightwing business owners aiming to sabotage the system. Venezuela is being attacked by the imperialists in the same manner that Cuba was… by invasion and embargo, (though not necessarily in the same order). An economic coup is now being waged upon Venezuela by the imperialists and by their allied collaborators in the private sector. The imperialists are trying hard to destroy the Cuban and Venezuelan revolutions domination because they are beacons of inspiration all over the world for oppressed people who are angered by injustice and seeking change.)

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