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(Dominica News Online) Senior Counsel Tony Astaphan has denied claims the Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit has refrained from traveling to the United States since the arrest of Iranian national and ex-Dominican diplomat, Ali Reza Ziba Halat Monfared.

In his latest blog Kenneth Rijock, a US-based compliance officer specializing in Enhanced Due Diligence and a Financial Crime Consultant also questioned whether Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit United States (US) Visa has been revoked in “Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation 7750, of January 12, 2004, foreign officials involved in corruption, will have their US visa revoked, and barred from entry.

But according to Astaphan said none of these are true and the Prime Minister is in fact currently in the US and has traveled there in February.

“In the month of February, I spoke to the Prime Minister while he was in New York, he was actually in New York with the Minister of Trade Dr. (Colin) McIntyre,” he said on state-owned DBS Radio. “He left on the 20th of February, he returned on the 23rd. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and Dr. McIntyre traveled to New York via Miami, landed in Miami on flight AA2415 and from Miami to New York on flight AA, [that is American Airlines] 1047.”

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