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(Antigua Observer) Political analysts have labelled Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s vilification of the United States (US), the opposition and the free press in response to a damning US report as a crass over-reaction that was not in the national interest and likely to bring further consequences.

Between Thursday and Friday of last week, Browne used his platform in Parliament to lambaste the various parties after the US’ International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR) called the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) “among the most lax in the world”.

Speaking on the topic on The Big Issues yesterday Political Advisor Dr Isaac Newton said, “It is clear that his approach was extremely crass and crude, lacking in public finesse and public decorum, lacking in a sense of diplomacy and a sense of sophistication, and lacking an understanding of the international mood and that it is complex and requires nuances and grace.”

He argued that since Antigua & Barbuda “does not have strategic value nor economic power nor is it a military threat” blasting the US was a futile move that earned nothing but bad favour.

Political Analyst Peter Wickham said that “there has been an over-reaction” to the report which he said he did not characterise as being “so negative and in a sense”. He argued that the US exaggerates the conclusions it reaches in such documents.

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