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(Antigua Observer) Mandatory DNA testing should be required before child maintenance orders are granted for children in Antigua & Barbuda and the wider region, the head of an organisation geared towards the interest of men, is suggesting.

President of the Single Fathers’ Association of Trinidad & Tobago, Rhondall Jesse Feeles believes that this should be a crucial part of the application process because men often times face imprisonment if they fail to make child support payments in a timely manner – and in some instances, they may not even be the father.

Feeles made the suggestion as he highlighted a case where the man had already been paying child support but later discovered the child was not his.

“He did a paternity test 13 years after and it was proven that the child was not his child and there was an order out for his arrest for maintenance before that. Of course, the upkeep of the child is instrumental but are there any checks and balances, even on the mother’s side that she is contributing to the child as well?” he asked.

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