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(Dominica News Online) US-based controversial blogger, Kenneth Rijock has said he is standing by his story which has earned him a threat of legal action in Dominica.

In a recent blog he alleged that the Ambassador to Dominica of the Kingdom of Morocco, Mohamed Benjilany, visited Dominica recently, met repeatedly with Skerrit and allegedly acquired thousands of blank official Dominica passports.

Senior Counsel Tony Astaphan responded by saying that he has received instructions from the cabinet and the Attorney General to take legal action against Rijock.

In response, Rijock stated his position to Dominica News Online via email.

“I stand by my story,” he stated. “If Attorney Astaphan wishes to file a civil suit against me, that is his right, but he had better clearly identify his client as the plaintiff.”

Rijock had a threat of his own saying that if the suit is filed, he intends to file a counterclaim under the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) alleging that the “government is acting like an organized crime syndicate, and it represents a clear and present danger, not just to the people of Dominica, but to the nations of the Western Hemisphere.”

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