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(Trinidad Guardian) Petrotrin is now saying that 300 barrels of oil spilled in the Guaracara River from a ruptured storage tank, but fishermen are saying oil has stretched over a five-mile radius into the Gulf of Paria.

In its first statement after the spill on Sunday the State-owned company said only 20 barrels of oil had leaked from one of its storage tanks. But the Environmental Management Authority said on Monday that 20,000 gallons (a barrel contains 42 gallons) of bunker fuel had escaped.

Dozens of species of plant and marine life have been affected by the spill which was being cleaned up yesterday with dispersants and containment booms.

Fishermen said the devastation was rampant and are fearful that the latest spill will affect fish sales.

In a statement yesterday, Petrotrin said it is continuing to contain and recover the oil spilled from Tank 70.

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