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(Trinidad Guardian) Five-year-old Solisha Faith Joseph, who was killed along with her father Solomon Joseph at their Mamoral No 1 home early yesterday, was apparently tucked back in bed to make it look as though she was asleep by the same person who shot her in the neck.

“Who killed my innocent grandchild? Why did they have to kill her like that?” Solisha’s grandfather Peter Joseph, 61, said yesterday.

Solisha was a First Year pupil of the Caparo RC Primary School. She would have celebrated her sixth birthday in July.

Autopsies conducted on both bodies revealed little Solisha was shot once and her father twice in the back, with the bullets exiting through his abdomen. The autopsies were done by pathologist Hughvon Des Vignes at the Forensic Science Centre in St James.

The incident took place at the family’s Leekham Road home some time between 3 am and 4 am.

Peter said it was a living nightmare for him to discover his 36-year-old son and granddaughter dead. Initially, he said they thought Solomon was drunk and may have slipped into a deep sleep and his granddaughter was also sound asleep.

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