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(Barbados Today) The Caribbean chapter of the International Network In Defense of Humanity has called on leaders within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to send a fact-finding mission to “make an informed analysis” about the state of affairs in the “sister Caribbean nation” of Venezuela.

In a statement on Sunday, spokesman David Comissiong said it was important that the governments and people of CARICOM acquire “an accurate understanding of precisely what is going on in Venezuela – a nation that the powerful United States of America has perversely designated as a ‘national security threat’ to the USA.

“We will never achieve any such accurate understanding if we depend on Western media institutions for our information about Venezuela,” he added.

Comissiong also urged media houses in the English-speaking Caribbean to send an investigative team to the South American nation to “see for themselves and to deliver to our people an independent and objective Caribbean assessment of the situation in Venezuela”.

He said the calls were being made following his visits to Venezuela and “finding the reality that I witnessed with my own eyes significantly at odds with the impressions and images presented by the powerful western media corporations”.

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