(VI Consortium) While Governor Kenneth Mapp has said on multiple occasions that the territory’s financial condition has been improving and that government employees would not be furloughed or terminated, some workers employed at the Bureau of Corrections have been terminated because of the “continued financial crisis” affecting the government, a contradiction that Government House refused to address on Wednesday, with the Mapp administration’s acting communications director, Samuel Topp, choosing to instead chide a Consortium reporter for asking Government House about the matter.

Mr. Topp, after arguing that Government House should not be the first point of contact concerning whether or not the administration was terminating employees because of financial constraints, contending that the government department experiencing the trouble should be reached first, later said he had no idea what was going on and would not comment on the situation.

“The response is, from my perspective, I have absolutely no idea what that person may be talking about,” Mr. Topp said. He later added, “I have no information to confirm anything that is being alleged in that letter or any correspondence with you regarding layoffs because of inability to pay. As far as I know, payroll is going to be met tomorrow, and there is no indication that it is not going to be met at anytime in the future.”

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