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(Dominica News Online) Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has chastised the media in Dominica saying that it goes to the gutters and garbage bin to find negative stories about the country.

He was addressing members of the media after the contract signing for the architectural design of a National Multi-Sports Complex in Dominica on Friday.

He said the media should work with facts and leave it to the audience to form an opinion.

“I just find that in this country we go in the gutters and we go in the garbage bins looking for negative stories about Dominica and unless we cannot find one, we don’t want to print our newspaper or we don’t want to go with our newscast,” he stated.

The Prime Minister was speaking against the background of a story in The Sun Newspaper which claimed that the government of Dominica owes the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Supreme Court about $8-million.

It appeared Skerrit was not pleased with the article saying it was a ‘totally and a complete lie.’ He stated that the government owed the Supreme Court ‘over seven or so million dollars’ but a significant sum has already been paid and Dominica is now owing $4.4-million which will be placed in this year’s budget and paid off by the end of 2017.

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