(Trinidad Guardian) Two of three men who accosted Fr Clyde Harvey on Monday morning were sent to kidnap and murder him, the priest told the media yesterday.

Speaking the St Benedict’s Monastery where he was attending the final session of a two-day seminar, Harvey said the men claimed they were sent to kidnap him and then kill him.

However, rather than carrying out the job, they called their employer who showed up at the St Martin de Porres Church in Gonzales and he too did not possess the courage to go through with his plan.

Harvey said despite this, he wished to meet with the men to find out who put them up to it and why.

He said the initial two bandits who tied him up, robbed and threatened to kill him early Monday morning were “stupid victims” he would want to meet and chat with to determine why they did what they did.

He said the labelling of the culprits as evil was “short-sighted and stupid,” adding that the real crime wasn’t what happened to him, as this happens to many of the citizens, but the motive behind it.

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