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(Dominica News Online) The Electoral Commission of Dominica has announced that it now has at its disposal $6,130,350 the infrastructural means for the introduction of identification cards and the effective verification of the identity of voters and consequently, the sanitation of the list of electors.

The funds were requested by the Commission and the government has recently approved it.

“For more than 30 years, successive Electoral Commissions and Chief Elections Officers, have sought approval for the financing required to enable the implementation of voter identification cards and the cleansing of the voters’ list, both seen as imperative for the enhancement of the electoral process in Dominica,” the Commission said in a release.

The funds will go towards “the purchase of equipment and the hiring and training of personnel for the implementation of the identification card system, as well as the provision of other equipment and staff necessary to aid the process.”

“The Commission has begun the recruitment of about 15 young persons who, subject to the passage of the enabling legislation, will be engaged as enrolment officers, as part of the process of enrolling new electors and confirming those registered electors, who are eligible to remain on the electors list in accordance with the law,” the release said.

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