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(Dominica News Online) Investigations of firearms and ammunition found in a barrel at Wood Bridge Bay Port in 2016 is now in the hands of the law enforcement in the United States, Police Chief Daniel Carbon has revealed.

He said US officials are going to act on information given to them by local law enforcement.

“Investigation is in the US,” Carbon said. “I have provided them with all the necessary cooperation that I could. They visited me, I had dialogue with them in my office and the investigation is well in the hands of the US and they are making tremendous progress.”

Carbon gave the assurance that those involved in the matter will soon be brought to justice.

“I can guarantee very shortly, based on my dialogue with the US and communication with the US, that the US is well on their way to ensure that the people who shipped the barrel and those who it was intended for in Dominica face justice,” he stated. “The US will take a particular course of action in that, they have already instituted a course of action in that.”

The guns and ammunition were found and seized on Friday, September 30, 2016, in a barrel which also contained groceries.

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