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(Antigua Observer) Prime Minister Gaston Browne has officially put Lena “Queen Ivena” Phillip on notice that he intends to sue her over certain lyrics of her 2017 calypso entitled Nastiness, unless she removes them.

At the same time, he has also warned media houses that they will face similar action if they play the song that repeats the offending lyrics.

Browne told OBSERVER media that he takes offence to the allegations that Queen Ivena made in the song, which state that he transferred government funds to his wife’s charity, Share Inc.

“She did not even spin the lie. She said I took $5 million of the people’s money and put it [in] my wife’s charity. Not one red cent of public funds was paid into Share and at no point [did] the charity have more than a few hundred thousand dollars in its account. She will be sent a letter of warning and if she fails to remove the lines, she will be sued,” Browne said.

Ivena’s new calypso has been featured on the airwaves throughout Antigua & Barbuda since it was released recently.

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