(V. I. Consortium) ST. THOMAS — The 32nd Legislature will meet on July 14 to swear in the April 8 special election winner, Janelle Sarauw, following the Superior Court’s decision granting Ms. Sarauw writ mandamus by ordering the St. Thomas-St. John District Board of Elections to perform its “ministerial” duty of certifying the election.

“Pursuant to the Revised Organic Act of the Virgin Islands, the 32nd Legislature will convene in regular session to judge the credentials of Senator-elect, Janelle K. Sarauw if confirmed, and to administer the Oath of Office upon her and to seat her as a member of the 32nd Legislature of the Virgin Islands. Senator-elect Janelle K. Sarauw shall present her credentials to the secretary of the Legislature for consideration by the body,” reads the Legislative agenda, posted on the Senate’s website.

Barring any surprises, administering the oath of office to Ms. Sarauw will end the overdrawn saga that has pitted Democrats against each other, with St. Thomas-St. John Democratic Party Chair Edgar Baker Phillips levying wild accusations against fellow Democrats in an effort to discredit their reason for voting against Mr. Rodriquez during the June 28 Senate session. Democrats who voted to reject Mr. Rodriquez said because he lied to a bankruptcy court in Tennessee in an attempt to keep his family from becoming homeless, he should not be seated.

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