(Demerara Waves) A murder accused, who attempted to flee during the fire that destroyed the Georgetown Prison, was recaptured  in the vicinity of the maximum security prison, a police spokesman said Monday.

Guyana Police Force spokesman, Superintendent, Jairam Ramlakhan told Demerara Waves Online News that 20-year old Shawn Collins of 6 Ketley and Drysdale Streets, Charlestown, Georgetown was arrested in the vicinity of Regency Hotel, Hadfield Street.

He escaped while being transported with other prisoners Sunday night and was recaptured at about 1:50 Monday morning, the police spokesman said. “It was good that we were able to nab him early.”

Ramlakhan said Collins was not among the five who escaped shortly after the fire started at the prison Sunday afternoon.  He said so far, there is no further word of any other escapees.

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