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(Demerara Waves) Prisoners held at the walled Lusignan holding area early Friday morning attempted to burn down the Lusignan  Prison by hurling bottle lamps at the wooden building, but fire fighters quickly extinguished the burning objects, police said.

Sources said the prisoners, numbering just about 500, began banging the door to demand that they may be moved from the swampy pasture to a habitable area of the Lusignan Prison.

Fire Chief Marlon, Gentle also confirmed that fire fighters went into action after several flambeaus were lobbed at the main Lusignan prison building at about 2 O’clock Friday morning. Fire fighters are usually on standby outside the Lusignan Prison.

Police and fire fighters said the prisoners made the flammable devices by accessing fuel from a generator that is located in the walled area where the prisoners are being kept.

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