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Incidence of Cyber-Crime are up by 66% over the Last 5 Years

Speaking at a cyber-security awareness seminar in the Bahamas, Dr. Raymond Wells Deputy  Director of  Information  Technology  (IT)  for  the  National  Insurance  Board (NIB), was keen to point out that the  human  element  remains  the  “weakest  link”  in  cyber-security.  He stated that local  businesses need a more comprehensive and proactive set of security  awareness  programmes if the threats from cyber-crime are to be reduced.

He continued, “this is your weakest link in your organization, the human element. Social engineers know this and take advantage  of it and IT professionals know it and remove the things users do to put the network at risk. Users go everywhere.  Management knows it but I ask, why aren’t you budgeting for and mandating more security awareness training for  the users of the company system? ” 

“This is an everyday thing and every day new threats emerge so we need to stay abreast of emerging threats,” Wells  said.

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CANTO Supports Girls in ICT Day

On the 23rd of April, CANTO (Caribbean Association of National  Telecommunication Organization ) in collaboration with Soroptimist International of  Port of Spain (SIPoS) will facilitate a one day Girls in ICT Forum which will  include a mobile application competition and exhibition. CANTO and SIPOS will  host 175 students from the Bishop’s Centenary College based in Woodbrook,   Trinidad & Tobago. 

The programme will feature interactive speeches from successful  women in ICT and women in the community who are using ICT to develop and promote  their businesses. The mobile application competition, will offer students the  opportunity to design an innovative mobile application which would benefit women  and girls in ICTs. The exhibition will showcase ICT stakeholders and the latest  products and technologies.

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Digicel Joins St. Lucia IXP

Digicel signed a memorandum of understanding, agreeing to become the  newest member of the Saint Lucia Internet Exchange (SLiX). Digicel joins its  competitors FLOW and LIME, founding members of SLiX, in an initiative designed  to improve the reliability of the Internet in St Lucia. 

The three ISPs met last March at the Ministry of Public Service, Information and  Broadcasting to discuss the possibility of Digicel joining the local Internet  exchange. That meeting ended with a unanimous vote, clearing the way for Saint  Lucia to become the first Caribbean territory where Digicel is participating in  a local IXP. With the three telecommunications companies peering at SLiX, their  networks will interconnect directly, rather than through a third party in a  foreign territory. 

That translates to faster connectivity for customers, and lower operating costs  to the Internet service providers, explained Christopher Roberts, Project  Coordinator for the Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Programme  (CARCIP) in Saint Lucia. 

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