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 Jamaica to Host Regional Hack-a-thon 

Jamaican Minister for Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, Hon. Julian Robinson, said that the Hack-a-thon scheduled for May 23rd & 24th will focus on the areas of energy conservation, tourism and agriculture.

Core objectives of the weekend's coding activities, are to explore how technology can be used to address regional challenges in energy, agriculture and tourism. The code-sprint is being supported through the Entrepreneurship Programme for Innovation in the Caribbean (EPIC) through its Caribbean Mobile Innovation Project (CMIP),

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 Is the Promise of the CHIP a $9 Computer a Game-Changer?

The latest sensation on the crowd-funding platform KickStarter is a project called CHIP.  CHIP is touted as the $9 computer, is small as a credit card, and is complete with a fast Processor, memory, storage and wireless connectivity.  The units also come with a programming environment suitable for children.

With more than 20 fundraising days to go, the project has generated so much interest that it's exceeded the $50,000 target, 26 times over, generating almost $1.3M in pledges. The question is could this project be a game changer for cash strapped Small Island Developing States, trying to maintain school laptop distribution programmes? 

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 Government of St. Lucia to Bolster Cyber-Security 

The St Lucia government says it is moving to strengthen cyber-security in light of the recent attack on the official web site of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines government. "This appears to be part of a trend of increasing reports of cyber attacks of various kinds regionally and internationally," according to a government statement.

The statement said "as the Government of St. Lucia seeks to continually enhance its online presence and make more of its services accessible online to citizens and other users, it is ever mindful of the increasing importance of cyber security."

"The recent cyber attack in our sister OECS country highlights the need for everyone, at the Government, private sector, civil society and individual levels to be cognizant of the importance of cyber security," the statement noted.

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