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Not Enough Focus on Online Security 

The threats to their security online are real but, Caribbean nations are still not doing enough to prepare for cybercrimes.  That was the message delivered by Dr Lloyd Waller, head of the Department of Government at the University of the  West Indies’ (UWI) Mona Campus, during a breakfast presentation at UWI’s Cave Hill Campus. 

The senior lecturer in human social and behavioural sciences,  was concerned that while he was observing a larger number of regional people becoming “internet citizens”, he was not seeing equal attention paid to  anti-crime measures. I am not seeing by way of conversation in the Caribbean about preparing for cybercrimes. As it  relates to legislation only a few Caribbean countries have actually enacted legislation to deal with perpetrators.  “But certainly there needs to be a substantive conversation and preparation at  the level of citizens and, at the level of government, about the challenge and the potential threat of cybercrime as we become more and  more net citizens,” he added.

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Jamaican Opposition Critical of Paulwell after Number Portability Delayed, Again

In Episode #6, of the CTR, we reported that Jamaican telephone consumers would enjoy the ability to switch their telephone service provider and keep their telephone number, in what's known as Number Portability. Number portability was scheduled for implementation on June 1st, however last Friday, the Technology Ministry granted an 18-day extension to  telephony service providers to allow them to have their infrastructure up and  running.  

This has drawn fire from opposition Spokesman on Science, ICT & Digital Society Development, Dr Andrew  Wheatley, who criticised portfolio Minister, Phillip Paulwell, for another delay in  the implementation of Number Portability. The extension was reportedly granted following a request from stakeholder  partners for additional time.  The new implementation date is now set for Monday, June 22nd.  According to the Opposition Spokesman, this is the fifth delay for the number  portability implementation. 

Wheatley says this latest foul-up is confirmation that the Technology Minister  has no clue what is required to successfully implement number portability. He says Paulwell has shown utter contempt for the Jamaican consumer by  continuing to allow telecoms providers to miss these deadlines without stiff penalties.

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Cayman Primary Learning Gets Smarter

Cayman Islands' Minister for Education Tara Rivers enveilled a slew of ICT based interventions in a statement on June 1st. In that statement, were the usual announcements of the delivery of Interactive White Boards or Smart Boards, laptops and iPads to schools. But where this announcement differed was the support the ministry was giving to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or STEM.

“In an effort to address the local STEM skills shortage, the Department of  Education Services is also implementing a new ICT-related initiative in the  classroom itself. Lego Education WeDo and Lego Mindstorms Education EV3 robotics  kits were purchased for government primary and high schools respectively. 

The  kits combine the creativity of Lego to construct and build, while adding the  dimension of problem solving, logic and programming to the various projects  students undertake. Both kits have a variety of projects based on the Lego  Education 4C philosophy of ‘Connect, Construct, Continue and Contemplate’. The  projects initially allow students to connect with a familiar concept, whether it is a problem where there is a need to generate air from a fan, or a sensor that  prevents a car from crashing,” she explained. Rivers said government schools will incorporate the robotics kits into the  delivery of instruction in maths, science, literacy and ICT, through the various  projects 

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