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Results of ECTEL Household Internet Use Survey Released

Last year, the National Statistics Offices of the five member states, of the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL) conducted a household survey on behalf of the local National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC). 

The results of which make interesting reading. Of nearly 8500 individuals surveyed, half of them said they had not used fixed line broadband, that is Cable internet or ADSL service in the last 3 months.

Another surprising finding was that Smartphone use was not as widespread as thought. A third of those surveyed reported that they still made use a regular or basic mobile phone. This has significant ramifications for those seeking to develop mobile applications or offer mobile services.

Sadly what was not surprising was what broadband internet was used for. Fixed line internet use was said to be used for productive as well as leisure activities. With e-mail and research considered productive, other main activities were: Instant Messaging, Accessing Music, Social Media, Accessing Non-Educational Videos, Playing/Accessing Games, Online Retail


Caribbean Startups Invited to Apply for Startup Jamaica Bootcamp

Startup-Jamaica a project partly funded by InfoDev, part of the World Bank, through the Caribbean Mobile Innovation Project is holding a Bootcamp for Caribbean Startups.

Despite the Jamaican emphasis in the name, the bootcamp is open to all Caribbean Startups, and they should submit their applications for the October 2015 event, by September 7th. Details can be found in the transcript for  this show on WINN FM's Website.


OECS Business Think-Tank & Hackathon the Start of Something New

Last week saw the start of the OECS Business Think-Tank and Hackathon, with some 96 participants from 8 OECS countries work in teams to solve local business challenges.

We spoke to Telly Onu Lead Consultant at Quintessance Consulting and a Partner in the organising of the OECS Business Think-Tank and Hackathon, to get her perspective of the event.

Some of the highlights were the high levels of participantion from across the OECS, and that a quarter of the participants were women. Another key point was that the concept of a “hackathon” where teams with a mix of different skills and backgrounds worked to solve a problem, was new to many countries. Despite this many teams were surprised by how much could actually be achieved in the 3 days.

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