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ECTEL to Take a Closer Look at Roaming Charges

Making remarks at the launch ceremony of free WiFi access at the Botanical Gardens in Dominican, the Dominican Minister of Telecommunications Kelver Darroux said “At the 32nd meeting of ECTEL in St Kitts, the ECTEL Council of Ministers, are looking very much closely at the possibility to totally eliminate roaming charges within the OECS territories and that is very important,”

In a lecture to commemorate ECTEL's 15th Anniversary in Basseterre St. Kitts, Prof. Hopeton Dunn Chairman, Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica and Director, of the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC) and UWI highlighted the issue of roaming.



Dominicans urged to recognize benefits of the internet

Executive Director of the Dominican National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC), Craig Nesty called on Dominicans to recognize the benefits of the internet since, he said, it has great potential. He made that statement while addressing the commissioning of free Wireless Broadband at the Botanical Gardens.

“We are talking about potential for internet connectivity, potential to bring more Dominicans online, potential for us to fully participate in an internet-based economy,” he said.

According to him, one of the ‘critical cogs’ that focus needs to be placed on is content creation. “We as Dominicans have for too long been a download society,” he noted. “We need to become an upload society and unless we craft a way to fully move towards being content creators and content providers and uploading content to the 

internet, we will miss the true benefit that the internet is proposing to offer us in this small island developing state.”


Regional Internet and Tech Experts are Hopeful for the future of the industry in the Caribbean

A recent industry report showed that Internet connectivity in the Caribbean is growing at sluggish speeds, with high rates. However, shifting attitudes within the region’s technical community are triggering positive change in its technology landscape.

Among the challenges faced by the region in developing its technology sector are outdated legislation, limited access to capital, and an environment not always conducive to the development of indigenous technology businesses and services.

But some experts say that the region is well positioned to seize fresh opportunities to improve its Internet access penetration, to reduce Internet service costs and to increase network service quality.

“A highly creative, well-educated work force, stable democracies, sub-sea bandwidth capacity and relatively high device penetration rates set the stage for region-wide, Internet-enabled innovation,” said Bevil Wooding, an internet strategist at Packet Clearing House, which supports the global development of critical Internet infrastructure.

Wooding was speaking at CaribNOG 10, the tenth gathering of the Caribbean Network Operators Group, which took place in Belize City from November 2 to 6.

CaribNOG is an independent, volunteer-based technical community that promotes development of the region’s computer network engineers and technology practitioners. Its semi-annual gatherings have become an influential forum for the development of regional cybersecurity strategies and in the support of critical internet infrastructure in the region.



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