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Cuba to Host Free and Open Source Software Conference

Typically, Technology conferences are held in high cost destinations such as Las Vegas, Barcelona and the like. However, the Cuban based User Group for Free Technologies and The Best Of Open Technologies from Germany, are turning that practice on its head, by hosting the International Free Software Conference in Cuba in April 2016.

The hosting of the event in Cuba should help IT professionals across the Caribbean who are normally are prevented from participating not only for financial reasons but also by visa entry requirements to countries like the USA, Canada and most European countries.

Free software enthusiasts from all over the world are invited to participate, show what they are working on and educate each other.

The idea is not only to exchange experiences of how to apply the newest and “smartest” Free and Open-Source Software, but also to consider using old hardware and very low bandwidth. An objective of the conference is to explore how Free Software can help developing countries in general.



CDB Throws its Support Behind KingstOOn 2016 Animation Conference

Three weeks ago, we reported that CAKLE was the first animated film from Jamaica to be made available in the iTunes store.  Now the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), recognizing that the creative industries are important for regional economic diversification and employment generation, particularly for youth, has partnered with the World Bank and the government of Jamaica to stage KingstOOn 2016. 

This two-day Animation Conference, Marketplace and Film Festival, scheduled for March 12th & 13th, in Kingston, Jamaica, is aimed at encouraging the growth of the animation sector in Jamaica, and the wider Caribbean. 

Lisa Harding, operations officer at CDB, said the creative industries have the potential to contribute significantly to economic growth and diversification, poverty alleviation and inclusive social development of the region. 

“KingstOOn 2016 is an important mechanism which can stimulate interest and build the required capacity necessary for the emerging animation sector. It is expected that KingsTOOn will also provide participants with a platform to showcase their creativity and innovation while increasing awareness of employment opportunities in the animation industry. The exposure that will be provided can help address high levels of male and female unemployment (especially in the youth demographic), and contribute to the identified need to diversify our regional economies,” she said.



C&W Networks, to Upgrade Submarine Fiber-optic Network

C&W Networks continues to offer robust services across 42 countries with superior reliability and scalability of international wholesale capacity.

C&W Networks has bolstered its sub-sea network capacity by upgrading several segments of its sub-sea network to 100G. The submarine cable systems were upgraded with new 100G channels to include the Gemini – Bermuda cable system, the Caribbean – US (CBUS) cable system, and the Eastern Caribbean Fiber System (ECFS), among others.

“The global build-out of data centers, coupled with rapid deployment of cloud-based services, are driving renewed demand for even higher fixed and burst rate connections with emphasis on high availability through redundancy,” said Paul Scott, President of C&W Networks.  “Our goal is to proactively prepare our networks with the right technology to efficiently address the evolving business needs of today and the future.  We are very excited to enhance our network performance to100G and 100G+”he continued.



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