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Free Internet Access Being Considered for Essequibo

Initiatives are currently being put in place by senior technical staff of Guyana's E-Governance Network and the Region Two Administration, who have intentions of rolling out a programme where the accessibility of  free internet would be soon possible.

Already the Old Charity Hospital has been identified as one of the buildings that would be converted into a hot spot. Charity is located on the northern section in the Region and the community is known for its prevailing center which resonates as a hive of commercial of activity.

However, while areas and buildings have already been identified, security, infrastructure and other procedural aspects are still to be put in place. A senior official from the E-Governance team along with senior personnel from Region Two were in Charity assessing the area and the buildings.

With internet cost so high, residents of Essequibo would welcome free Internet in their homes. 



Brazil Turns To Genetically Modified Mosquitoes To Combat ZIKA Virus

Tests results released by a British bio-tech firm suggest that genetically modified mosquitoes could help Brazil combat the Zika virus (ZIKV).

The South American nation has been scrambling to contain the spread of Zika, which has been linked to a recent surge in birth defects including micro-cephaly, a rare condition in which newborns have smaller than normal heads and their brains do not develop properly.

In a statement this week, the Oxitec biotech firm said tests that began in April 2015 have shown that the release of genetically modified sterile male mosquitoes succeeded in reducing a variety of disease-transmitting mosquito larvae by 82 per cent by year's end in a neighborhood of the city of Piracicaba.

Piracicaba's city health department confirmed the tests and results.

Joseph Conlon, a technical adviser for the American Mosquito Control Association, called the results "novel and potentially efficacious."



Chairman Barrow Explains Hiccups in 4G Service

Anwar Barrow, Chairman, of Belize Telemedia Limited, Executive Committee, B.T.L. cleared the air behind service disruption.

This is of little or no consolation to Telemedia customers however, who for months have been experiencing dropped calls, interruptions in data services despite the stabilization of the 4G service offered by B.T.L.  Barrow said that the hiccups in the system are caused by demand.

Chairman Barrow, explained that “There have been areas where there are challenges in terms of the experience and that has simply been because of growth. It is not that anything has been changed on the system or there is something wrong with the backbone. It is just because the traffic has grown so much. 

Over the last ten months, traffic has grown by eight hundred percent and you can see how much of a strain that puts on the network and that is why we are moving quickly to deploy this new network which is bigger and a lot more robust. 

Barrow, continued “we need people in those affected areas to be mindful of what is coming, to remain a Digicel customer because we will continue to deliver the best value and we will deliver the best service at a world class level. That is our goal now as a company. We want to move the country and the company to a world class level.”


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