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Cayman Island ISPs Block Copyrighted Content

Customers of FLOW and C3 may find themselves unable to stream movies or access certain content since the internet providers have begun to block some copyrighted content flowing into the Cayman Islands. 

C3 confirmed that the block, which came into effect last week, remains in effect. FLOW did not respond to queries from The Cayman Reporter.

Explaining the reasoning behind its decision in a statement, C3 said, “As a licensed content provider, C3 is obligated by the content owners to mitigate any unauthorised use of the content we are legally providing in the market.  To this end we are blocking the IP addresses of these pirated content providers. C3 will remain vigilant in blocking future IP addresses conducting these pirate activities.” 

In addition to providing internet service, C3 is also a provider of television content services locally. FLOW is also a provider of both internet and television content services in the local market. 

Sandra Hill, founder of RoCay – a company that provides internet TV using the Roku online streaming device, has been vocal about her strong disagreement with the move taken by some local internet providers. 

“Consumers should be alarmed. What if next week they decided to block Netflix or something else they deem to be inappropriate. The bottom line is it’s not illegal in this jurisdiction so what remit do they believe they have?” she asked. “Furthermore, how can a telecom company decide to implement a law that IF it existed would be for the government agency to enforce or the company whose rights are supposedly breached? It is an extreme case of overreaching.” 


More backing needed for tech developers

Financial Institutions in Barbados need to be a bit less conservative, and make a bigger investment in new technologies and younger people, particularly those with a keen interest in entrepreneurship.

That was the opinion of Barbados Industry Minister, Donville Inniss, expressed while speaking at the launch of PitchIT Caribbean, an initiative to support growth-oriented mobile app businesses throughout the Caribbean.

The Minister stressed that more faith must be placed in our fellow Barbadians, and noted that sometimes that faith must be manifested through our financing. “I note that today it is not just the traditional commercial banks that we can look to; they are the angel investors and those serial investors who are prepared to take your projects and look at it and invest their money. 

Of course, you have to share a bit of the profits with them going forward. Human capital markets and of course institutional infrastructural support is all necessary for us to move the sector forward,” he maintained. 



Barbados wants to be Among top 10 Countries Globally, for Internet Services 

Barbados Minister of Telecommunications Darcy Boyce on Wednesday called on internet service providers to ensure that the island is among the top 10 countries in the world for internet service. 

Minister, Darcy Boyce, speaking at the launch of the Barbados Internet Exchange noted that while Barbados was ranked quite high worldwide in terms of the quality of its telecommunications, “I would want us to be up there with the very best of the competition and I make this very clear to the carriers when I meet with them”. 

He told the representatives of the carriers attending the launch – ACE Communications, Digicel, Flow and Wi-Net – that with the launch of the internet exchange, there should be some reduction in costs and he wanted to see part of that reduction transferred to their customers. 

Boyce also urged the Internet providers to improve on their services in respect of quality issues. “I would like to hear that there are fewer dropped calls, I would like to know that the clarity of transmission is crystal clear when you make calls.”



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