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Jamaican Parents Urged To Monitor Children's Use Of Social Media

Superintendent Merrick Watson, who was addressing a Community Services Day event at the Kitson Town Seventh-day Adventist Church in St. Catherine  informed parents that the police often scour social networking sites such as Facebook for information about applicants. 

The Superintendent of Police, appealed for parents to monitor their children’s activity on social media. He said that young people are posting personal information online, which could taint their character and prevent them from accessing jobs.

“There are persons, who are taking away their employment prospects and losing out because of things that they post on social media. Anything that you post (online) remains there forever,” he pointed out.

“They don’t know that they cannot hide anything that we can’t find. The only  thing that you can hide, that we will never be able to find is what you have not posted,” he told the congregation.

Superintendent Watson also warned that persons are also making themselves victims of crime by posting too much information about their movements on social media.

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T-Mobile Signs Cuba Roaming Deal

T-Mobile has signed an interconnect and roaming agreement with 

Empresa De Telecomunicaciones De Cuba, SA (ETECSA), the Cuban telecommunications company.

The new deal enables the carrier to do its part to open communications between the US and the island nation, delivering more affordable voice calling for customers who want to keep in touch with friends and family in Cuba, as well as voice, text and data roaming for customers traveling to Cuba starting this summer.

“The historic opening of Cuba is a natural opportunity for us to take action, and we are. That’s the Un-carrier way!” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “We have more customers of Cuban descent than any other wireless provider – so connecting them with family and friends in Cuba is a message we heard loud and clear!”

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Easy Money Solutions For Jamaicans

QUISK, a Silicon Valley mobile-payment company, and Advanced Integrated Systems (AIS) - Jamaica's transaction-processing provider, have partnered to provide mobile money solutions for Jamaica and the Caribbean.

David Koerner, QUISK director of marketing, gave a demonstration at the National Commercial Bank Tech Symposium held at the Terra Nova Hotel recently.

The mobile money solution was designed by Jamaicans to assist the Jamaican market. According to the World Bank Foreign Direct Investment report of 2015, up to 65 per cent of Jamaicans are 'underbanked' or 'unbanked' despite one of the highest number of open accounts in the region and a 95 per cent mobile penetration.

There are some key benefits for unbanked and underbanked customers, including an easy-sign-up process requiring minimal personal information. The mobile money solution works on any network carrier in the island and can be accessed on smart phones, iPods, tablets or the computer.

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Guyana's E-Governance Unit Gets Boost From India and China

The E-Governance Unit within the Ministry of Public Telecommunications has received a boost from the Governments of India and China. The boost came in the form of specialised training in several areas of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), to further strengthen the capacity of the Unit.

Mr. Kyle Craig, an Assistant ICT Engineer in the Infrastructure Department of the Unit, recently returned from India, after spending two months at the Centre for Excellence in Telecommunications and Technology Management (CETTM). The training was made possible under the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Programme (ITEC), which exists between that country and the Government of Guyana.

The other staffers benefiting from the training courses in India were  Mr. Hillhier Emptage, Mr. Devon Abrams and Ms. Asena Marques. The team that is preparing to depart for China later this month will undergo two months’ training.

Head of the unit, Mr. Levi said that he expects that the knowledge and skills gained from those training sessions, will be passed on to the other departments in the organisation, so that the vision of a high performance organisation that serves as the ICT vanguard for the delivery of efficient Government services across the Public Sector, can become a reality.

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