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In October, we reported that Jamaican start-up BookFusion won the Inter-American Development Bank’s award for “Start-up with the Most Growth Potential”. Since then the company has set out to realise that potential and the having Jamaica’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Information as a customer can only be a boost!

The Ministry has launched their digital library on BookFusion, enabling Schools, students, teachers & parents island wide access to the entire content of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MOEYI) free of cost. The Digital Library consists of over 70 educational and reading resources at no cost to readers.

Together, BookFusion and the Ministry aim to increase students’ access to content in and out of school, while providing sustainable digital solutions for the distribution of eBooks and digital content to students, teachers and educational institutions throughout the country.

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Google Signs A Deal With Cuba's Telecommunications Monopoly

Google signed an agreement with the Cuban government on Monday granting Internet users there quicker access to its branded content.

Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, signed the deal with Mayra Arevich Marin, president of state telecommunications monopoly ETECSA. It grants Cubans speedy access to the Google Global Cache network, which stores content from sites like Gmail and YouTube on servers located closer to end users.

Currently, Internet access is limited to slow and expensive Wi-Fi hot spots, so it was not clear how the deal would actually impact service in the short term.

“This deal allows ETECSA to use our technology to reduce latency by caching some of our most popular high bandwidth content like YouTube videos at a local level,” a Google statement said.

“This may improve reception of cached materials, but not for example email which depends on local bandwidth,” a local telecommunications technician said, requesting anonymity for fear of losing his job.

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Yahoo Breaks Its Own Record Data Breach

In late September, Yahoo disclosed that back in 2014 they suffered what was then the biggest data loss in history when 500M customer records were accessed. This week, they informed the world that that number has bettered by a 2013 breach in which 1 Billion records were stolen.

So what does this tell us beyond the fact that Yahoo’s security seems to have more holes than a tea bag? Well it underscores the value of the data being held by internet companies, and the lengths criminals are prepared to go to get the goldmine of data users are sometimes not only required to give, but willing give up.

The key take away that you should hold onto is you and your data are a very valuable commodity so guard it closely. You should therefore be very circumspect when it comes to giving over personal information, and be very careful what real information you give. For security tips follow the link in the show notes.

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