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The Department of Technology in the Nevis Island Administration is holding its first ICT Week of Activities at venues across the island this week, under the theme “An Introduction to ICT for Positive Social Economic Development”. Today the department will be holding their open day,  we spoke with Director of Technology Mr. Quincy Prentice who told us what visiters could expect to see and learn today.

“We are hoping to have someone from the Consumer Affairs department launch an app that has been developed that allows users to compare prices at supermarkets and retail outlets across the island. Additionally, we will have Mr. Jevon Claxton will demonstrate drone technologies, and someone from the Nevis Island Government Information Service will give a presentation on Digital Video Production.”

Prentice continued, “as a musician in my spare time this is something close to my heart, as there will be a session by Antonio Liburd of Abo’s Digital Factory and Cory Massable Tyson of “Love we Festival” fame who will be giving a presentation Digital Audio Production.”

As you can see there is a little bit in there for everybody, and as I said it speaks to the pervasive nature of technology. We have gone through a vast array of topics and everyone of them has some aspect that touches on some aspect of technology, We want to bring persons closer to the technology and improve on their level of knowledge so they can improve the way use technology and gain further benefits.

 Digicel Endorses Regional Co-Regulated Approach To Open Internet

Speaking at the 11th Capacity Caribbean Conference in Puerto Rico, David Geary, General Counsel for Digicel Caribbean, compared the debate on Net Neutrality to that of Brexit in the United Kingdom.

He outlined that no one really knows what either Brexit or Net Neutrality means as both mean different things to different people, and like the debate about ‘Soft Brexit’ and ‘Hard Brexit,’ some people are in favour of very extreme Net Neutrality – or ‘Hard Net Neutrality’ rules. “‘Hard Net Neutrality’ will be very damaging to the Caribbean,” said David Geary, during the panel discussion on the topic.

“Instead of copying other regions, the Caribbean needs to decide what is best for Caribbean consumers to promote jobs and investment in the region,” Geary continued.

He welcomed the case for co-regulation recently presented by the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL), and also praised the leadership of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) on its initiative to formalise the partnership between industry, government and regulators by launching the Caribbean ICT Collaboration Committee. This Committee will consider all of the priorities of the Caribbean and propose the best approach to Net Neutrality for the Caribbean. It is due to produce these recommendations this year.

“The Caribbean region needs to be at the centre of the new digital economy and we cannot afford to sit back while jobs and investment go to other parts of the world,” closed Geary.

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ICT On The Agenda of CARICOM Heads Inter-Sessional Summit

As Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders began their two-day inter-sessional summit in Guyana on Thursday, crime and security, economic development and international relations were high on their agenda, but so too is ICT.

The regional leaders will also discuss the Single Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Space with LaRocque describing ICT as a sector in its own right as well as an enabler of development.

He said a roadmap to this end will be before the CARICOM leaders and issues that it will cover include regionally harmonised ICT policies, legislation, technical standards, networks and services, roaming rates, spectrum and broadband matters and regional best practices.

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