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With an increasing number of Jamaican Nationals with technology skills unable to find work and put them to use. The government of Jamaica is addressing the issue  head on through the development of a technology investment fund. Jamaica's minister of Science, Energy and Technology The Honorable Dr Andrew Wheatley made the disclosure in an interview at Canto 33 in the Dominican Republic

Minister Wheatley said: "We are now looking to roll-out a Technology Innovation fund to support innovation and that is something we take very seriously. Ensuring that we do not have that brain drain anymore where our youths migrate and leave our shores and go to other countries because they're looking for opportunities to express themselves, so what we are doing is to create an environment that allows for them to express themselves."

Over The Top Services OTTs Are Here To Stay

For several months if not years then incumbent Telecoms have complained that over the top services such as WhatsApp and Netflix are providing unfair competition to the regular telephone and internet service providers.

However there seems to be some agreement among Ministers of telecommunications in the region that over-the-top services are here to stay. 

Here is what Minister Melford Nicholas of Antigua and Barbuda had to say earlier this week when talking about the matter of over-the-top service:

"In my view I think it has become a settled issue that OTTS are here to stay, that the business model of telecommunications is going to be driven by data and it is going to be driven by the whole IP platform and data."

And Jamaica's Minister with responsibility for Telecommunications Dr. Andrew Wheatley could not have been more clear speaking on the sidelines of CANTO 33 in the Dominican Republic. Min. Wheatley, said "

OTTs more or less speaks to innovation, they are a response to a demand and as such they provide opportunities to be more innovative. We should not stifle Innovation and I do not believe that a government should try to regulate OTTs into oblivion. They're here to stay and they are part of the landscape, it is for the operators to be Innovative themselves and to move away from the old traditional business model. It's about being more Innovative on all fronts.

SPISE Making Robotics Push

With the aim of creating the next Mark Zuckerberg or Larry Page, the Student Programme for Innovation in Science and Engineering (SPISE) kicked off last Saturday at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus.

The 2017 SPISE cohort consists of 24 secondary school students from 13 Caribbean countries. They will be immersed in an intensive programme consisting of physics, calculus, biochemistry, robotics, computer programming and entrepreneurship until August 14th.

The students who are admitted into the programme are scholars in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The programme, in its sixth year, was established by interim executive director Cardinal Warde and co-executive director Dinah Sah of the Caribbean Science Foundation. It is modelled after the Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science (MITES) hosted by the Massachusetts of Institute of Technology, and aims to ensure that the Caribbean has a stake in grooming the next generation of technological business leaders.

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