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The Scientific Research Council (SRC) is close to finalizing phase one of a $9M JMD agriculture project at Carron Hall High School in St. Mary that will significantly benefit students as well as residents of the surrounding communities.

The initiative, which will establish a bio-digester system and a pig farm, is expected to assist enhance the school's science syllabus while providing additional revenue inflow options for the institution.

Amanda McKenzie, Coordinator for the SRC's Science and Technology Unit, told JIS News that the undertaking is consistent with the agency's mandate, adding that "the Council believes that science and technology should work for the school level...the community level and the nation at large."

McKenzie explained that the pig farm, would enable the school to sell the meat to the wider community, and have an environmentally-friendly waste treatment system.

Additionally, the bio-digester system will convert waste to fertilizer, which Miss McKenzie said can be used on the school's farm. She went on to say that bio-gas generated can be used to fuel the canteen as well as potentially power the wider campus, while the other significant by-product, water, can be used to irrigate the school's farm.

Miss McKenzie pointed out that the bio-digester can be used as a demonstrative model to illustrate how science and technology can be optimally utilised to produce clean energy and enhance knowledge of animal husbandry.

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Stronger Laws Coming To Tackle Cyber Crime In Barbados

Barbados' top judicial officer has warned about a growing class of sophisticated criminals in Barbados who is not only heavily armed but shoring up crimes with technology.

Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson further cautioned that law enforcers and the judiciary had to keep one step ahead of criminals who were more organised and technologically savvy.

Insisting there was organised crime in Barbados, Sir Marston told participants in a conference and workshop hosted by the Department of Public Prosecutions in Christ Church this week, the country was no longer dealing with "your run of the mill criminal".

In fact, Sir Marston said today's offender was "organised, and he certainly is going to be acting in concert with other people". The top level judicial officer noted that apart from guns, criminals were frequently using computers to carry out their nefarious acts.

"You are looking at criminals who, for example, have, and I am just telling you based on an application that was made to me recently . . . who [have] two AK-47s, endless amounts of ammunition, [and] money deposited in the bank," he said.

Also addressing the workshop was, Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite who said when Barbados joined Caribbean Community states in adopting a crime security agenda in 2013, cybercrime and transnationally organised crime were not top tier threats to Barbados but he said they had since become significant areas of concern.

He said revisions were coming to the Computer Misuse Act, the Electronics Transfer Act, Telecommunications Act and the Copyright Act.

Brathwaite also told participants in the three-day workshop titled Strengthening our Capacity to Combat Cybercrime and Other Organised Crimes that the long-mooted Forfeiture of Civil Assets legislation would go before Parliament by the end of November, as another weapon in fighting organised transnational crime.

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Jamaican Court Clears Path For Rate Cuts, But FLOW Continues To Fight

Termination rate cuts for fixed line phone calls are now to be implemented over a four-month period starting December 1st, this year as the Supreme Court gives the green light to the Office of Utilities Regulation, OUR, to proceed with its decision made on June 7th this year.

On October 31st, the Supreme Court delivered its judgement denying both of Cable & Wireless Jamaica's applications for leave to apply for judicial review of the OUR's decision and an interim injunction barring the regulator from implementing the rate cuts until the court adjudicated on the matter. The telecoms company trades as Flow Jamaica.

The telecoms provider objected to the six-month glide path and had been asking the OUR to extend the period to at least two years. It is not ready to give up the fight.

"Cable & Wireless is continuing its appeal before the Telecommunications Appeals Tribunal with respect to the fixed termination rates glide path," Flow's Director of Corporate Communications and Stakeholder Management, Kayon Wallace told Gleaner Business.

Asked if the telecommunications provider, which trades as Flow Jamaica, will be appealing the Court ruling, Wallace said that "as regards the Court of Appeal, Cable & Wireless is still considering its options."

The OUR has determined that termination charges for phone calls that connect to the fixed-line network are to be reduced by 70 to 90 per cent, which would lead to cheaper phone calls for subscribers.

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