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Cayon, St. Kitts (WINN): Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas continued his series of town hall meetings on the land for debt swap Thursday night, with a stop in Cayon. The meeting was not without controversy, as Member of Parliament for Constituency Eight Eugene Hamilton was escorted out of the meeting by his supporters after he was not content being allowed to ask just one question. “I believe that as the parliamentary representative of this constituency, I deserve more than just a question,” Mr. Hamilton said before the Prime Minister asserted that he will be allowed to ask just one question. 

Mr. Hamilton proceeded to speak passionately with frantic gesticulation before his microphone was cut off. At that point, supporters of both the Prime Minister and Mr. Hamilton engaged in a shouting match. Mr. Hamilton declared that the meeting cannot continue if he is not allowed to ask his question. His supporters then escorted him out the building as he clutched to the microphone before it was removed from his hand. The meeting however had a political overtone as the prime minister noted several times, that the previous Peoples Action Movement (PAM) administration conspired to sell sugar lands to foreigners. The Prime Minister noted that the PAM also opposed the purchase of lands in Frigate Bay under the then Robert Bradshaw Labour administration and equated this to the opposition to the land for debt swap today.

Some attendees at the meeting voiced their support for the debt for land swap in the constituency and hopes this will bring commercial development to Cayon. Others questioned whether any such developments will take place and if the constituents will benefit. WINN spoke to both Mr. Hamilton and Dr. Douglas about the meeting. 

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