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Jason Hamilton being sworn in as Attorney General

St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN):  The Court has ruled that the appointment of Jason Hamilton as the Attorney General of St. Kitts and Nevis and as a fourth Senator in the National Assembly is null and void.

Justice John Benjamin Q.C.'s summary that was read out in the Court on Thursday, did not make a specific reference to the related matter of the passage of the Increase in Senators Bill, which passed 8-7 with Hamilton voting in favour of it.

Counsel for both sides indicated to the press following the brief sitting in the Basseterre High Court Thursday morning, that they needed to read the full judgment before they could comment in any detail on the fate of the Bill.

Counsel for the Claimants Constance Mitcham said that if the Parliament was not properly constituted at the time of the Bill's passage it should have been struck down.

Mr. Sylvester Anthony, the lawyer for the Attorney General said however, that from his initial interpretation the Court had no jurisdiction to rule on the Bill and it therefore stood as law.

No costs were awarded in the matter.

WINN FM will have more details as soon as the Judgement becomes available.

UPDATE: The Court has ruled the that the Senators (Increase of Number) Act 2013 is "unconstitutional and/or invalid as being in contravention of sections 26 and 41 of the Constitution,” the Judge ruled."

Read full story HERE.

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