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PAM MP Mr. Eugene Hamilton

St. Kitts & Nevis (WINN):  Deputy Leader of People’s Action Movement and Opposition MP Eugene Hamilton is responding to charges by the Prime Minister that the former PAM Administration had victimized persons who did not support the party.

Speaking on his Ask the PM radio programme on Tuesday Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas said that when the PAM got into power in 1980 there was unleashed on the country, "the type of governance that had never been seen before."  

He charged that if the PAM got back into power it would victimize non-supporters, people will lose their homes and jobs, and their children would be pulled out of universities.   Dr. Douglas asserted that he was one of many who had been victimized when he was abroad studying and upon his return home.

Speaking on WINN FM’s Voices Programme this week, Mr. Hamilton refuted the claim and insisted that it was the Labour Administration under Dr. Douglas’ leadership that was guilty of victimization.

Mr. Hamilton dismissed the Prime Minister’s charge that the People’s Action Movement was promoting the conception of a unity government as a ruse to get back into power, and would quickly turn on its partners in such a coalition.

The Prime Minister and his Cabinet Members have been blasting the Opposition and two Government Backbenchers for publically stating that they do not support Dr. Douglas as the Prime Minister and would vote in favour of the Motion of No Confidence that was filed on December 11th.   

Though the Prime Minister has claimed that his two Backbenchers have joined the PAM, he counts them among his numbers on the government side, insisting that he has 10 seats to the Opposition’s five.

However, only elected Members can vote on a Motion of No Confidence Motion.  If the six who have written their intentions to the Governor General do indeed vote in its favour, with 11 elected Members in the National Assembly, the Motion would pass.

Click below to hear full interview with Mr. Hamilton

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