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Hon. Eugene Hamilton

(PAM Secretariat - Basseterre, St.Kitts, April 26th 2014): Team UNITY Candidate and Parliamentary Representative for Constituency #8 Hon. Eugene Hamilton has come out in defense of the people of Nevis and has labelled the recent decision not to honour payment by the NIA for Salaries as an act of TERRORISM.

The Deputy Leader of the People’s Action Movement said in a brief statement posted first via social media, “A decision by the National Bank not to honour payment by the NIA of salaries to hard working Nevisians is in my view an act of Terrorism meted out by illegitimate Prime Minister Douglas on the NIA and the good people of Nevis.”

“I make the bold statement because, the Federal Government as the majority shareholder of the Bank, had to be informed of the decision before it was implemented. Does anyone really think that public servants on St. Kitts could turn up at National Bank and be denied salaries without the knowledge of Dr. Douglas? The answer is clearly an emphatic NO!!! How then can anyone even think that Dr. Douglas was not informed of the decision before its implementation in Nevis?” continued Hamilton.

Hamilton went on state that recent statements by Dr. Douglas suggests that Dr. Douglas sanctioned the unprecedented actions that was taken against the civil servants of Nevis.

MP Hamilton said , “His statements at the Lodge public meeting tell me that he sanctioned the act of terrorism against our Nevisian brothers and sisters. I am of the view that Dr. Douglas and his team is losing traction on St. Kitts and was hoping for this terrorist act to create enough anti-CCM sentiment among the people of Nevis to create a reversal of popular public opinion which would result in an increased federal presence by the NRP come the next election or it would spark talk of Secession that will drive a wedge between the people of St. Kitts and the people of Nevis and thereby enhance his chances at the polls. Frankly speaking it was a calculated move that has backfired and has resulted in an outraged Nevisian populace who have once again seen the true character and nature of Dr. Douglas and his Douglas/NRP Labour Party.”

“You can expect more drama from the illegitimate Douglas as we head into the General Elections,” Hamilton concluded.

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