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WICWC U -16  -  3rd Place Playoff

Village Superstars 3        vs          S. L. Horsford St. Pauls 2
                            (Half Time 0 - 0)

Scorers for Village Superstars
Javantay Levy 59th minute
Tahir Hanley 70th minute & 72nd minute

Scorer for S. L. Horsford St. Pauls
Phillip Richardson 62nd & 66th minute

* Officials were Sherlene Browne & Jason Rouse


* This game had to go into extra time to decide a winner
*At the end of regulation time of 90 minutes, the score was tied at 1 - 1.

Delphic Newtown United 5       vs         Cayon 2
                                       (Half Time 1 -1)

Scorers for Delphic Newtown United
Delano Hodge 27th minute
Wazim Howe 91st minute
Yusuf Saunders struck twice from the penalty spot in the 94th & 99th minute
Tristan Samuel 95th minute

Scorers for Cayon
Vinceroy Nelson scored two goals in the 22nd minute (penalty) & 117th minute

Yellow Cards
Yusuf Saunders (Newtown) 22nd minute
Lennox Smith ( Cayon) 26th & 103rd minute
Jamar Smith (Newtown) 27th minute
Dakarai Phipps (Newtown) 87th minute
Delano Hodge (Newtown) 90th minute
Wazim Howe (Newtown) 91st minute
Dwig Harris (Cayon) 93rd minute

Red Card
Lennox Smith (Cayon) 103rd minute

* Officials were Kimbell Ward, Delroy Jeffers, Mario Parry & Sherlene Browne