St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Attorney Chesley Hamilton has responded to concerns expressed by Prime Minister Timothy Harris about lawyers alleged not to be giving proper service to their clients.

The Prime Minister said at a recent town hall meeting that he had been made aware that there are lawyers not delivering the required service to their clients, and the Bar Association should do something about that in the interest of good governance.

Dr Harris has come under fire by critics who suggest that his administration has failed to date to give priority to Team Unity’s good governance election promise, and he linked his stated concerns about the lawyers to that development.

“When for example at the last town hall in Challengers, my good friend raised the issue of the lawyers, who when you give them a case they are not doing the case good and you can’t find them when the case call and they don’t want to give you back your money. This is a question of good governance, how is it that the Bar Association has yet to come to the public with its approach to discipline and self regulation, when poor people have been taken advantage of and yet they want to be the first to talk about good governance. They are not serious about good governance, good governance like charity must start in their home and in their association.”

WINN FM asked attorney Chesley Hamilton about the complaints that some lawyers are failing to give of their best to some of their clients.

“Well I don’t know what data the Prime Minister is looking at, I know that the lawyers and the magistrates in the court system are working extremely hard and many times pro bono, many times they are doing missionary work. I do believe that the bar association, the magistrates and the lawyers, they would know, because clients would come to you and say they are dissatisfied, that its five times they changed lawyers. I don’t see how if clients are not getting adequate representation with the number of lawyers we have, it’s a matter of supply and demand, they would move on to somebody else who are capable of doing their work.

WINN FM pointed out that some people have limited funds and have paid one lawyer and they don’t have money to go to another laywer, so what then?

“I do believe if you paid the lawyer in full then the lawyer should at least return your money or part of the money or something” Hamilton said.


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0 #1 Dennis Franks 2017-02-27 11:48
I have a problem with the Bar Association too. I file a complain on Chesley Hamilton in June of 2016 and to date I have not receive any response from the Bar Association. They are leaving me with no other choice but to go to the higher courts.

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