St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); Data from the Social Security Scheme is showing that in 2016, 5590 persons were formally employed in Nevis, the highest the island has seen in the past twelve years.

Deputy Premier Mark Brantley of the Concerned Citizen Movement (CCM), speaking with WINN FM:

"We're very pleased at the figures we're seeing; of course I would give credit to Hon. Vance Amory and his leadership not only of the Nevis Island Administration but of the leadership of the Labour Department.

"These official statistics from Social Security tell us that in 2016, we had the highest recorded number of jobs in the history of the island."

The CCM Deputy Leader said that employment figures took a tumble over the years when the Joseph Parry-led Nevis Reformation Party controlled the Nevis Island Administration.

"We were able to get a snap shot going back to 2005, the last year of Premier Amory's leadership before the NRP took over a year later. We had 5560 jobs formally registered in Nevis in 2005, by 2006 when the NRP had taken the reigns of leadership in Nevis, statistics show that our job numbers fell to a low of 4321by 2010. That's a loss of 1239 jobs.

"By 2012 the situation had recovered but only marginally to 4874 jobs under that leadership, which turns out to be a loss over the term of the NRP of dome 686 jobs, roughly 12.34% job losses."  

The Deputy Premier spoke to the increases in employment figures once the CCM regained office in 2013.

"When the CCM took back office in 2013 and the Hon. Vance Amory was back at the helm, that situation rebounded to 4993 in 2013, and by 2016, the last numbers we're seeing, jobs in Nevis is at the highest ever with 5590.

"This reflects some 716 new jobs, an increase of 14.7% in four years under CCM since 2012, the last year under NRP."  

Mr. Brantley pointed out that the numbers reflect only the formal figures and did not include the informal economy where persons are working but not formally registered with Social Security.

"So I would anticipate that the job creation is much higher than the 14.7% increase that we're seeing, and when the informal economy is added to the formal registrations then I suspect the number of jobs in Nevis is actually much higher than the formal numbers reflect."

Deputy Premier Brantley credits the increase in employment chiefly to a rise in entrepreneurship, private sector expansion, and NIA capital projects. He said the CCM government has created an economic climate conducive to growth and he expects to see the resulting increase in economic activity and job creation continue.

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