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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Commissioner of Police Ian Queeley is reporting that psychological and polygraph testing will soon be introduced to the rank and file of the organization.

“Very shortly we will be introducing psychological assessment to ensure suitability for this type of work.  We have in the St Kitts and Nevis Police force four trained polygraphers, three of whom recently returned from advanced training and so we have decided that going forward that is the way to go. There is a lot of trauma and this is a very high stress job.”

Some four cases involving police officers are said to be before the Director of Prosecutions. One police officer was charged with rape and another with throwing illegal drugs over the wall of the Basseterre prison. Interaction on the popular talk shows reveal a respect for the force, but concern about a few officers giving the majority of hardworking ranks a bad name.

The Commissioner said the process will begin with recruits, he said regular background checks are also conducted.

“Generally when there is an applicant to the police force, that application is received, the human resource department will arrange for an examination to be done, the date is set and if they passed then we have background checks being carried out on the person. The officers from the various communities will go into the community, speak with members of the community, interview the individual, friends, family members and so on and a report is produced and forwarded back up the chain.  We also do covert background checks on that person. We will have another interview that is done and then medical assessments being done.”

The Commissioner also spoke to the issue random drug tests and extended tests to all senior officers. 

“Because of integrity issues that we are uncovering on a frequent basis to go to that step further and have the polygraph testing done. We have a system in place for random drug testing and we also do screening, as a matter of fact we have already indicated to the persons who head the various units, that testing will commence shortly after the persons would have returned from the advanced polygraph training, but we have given priority to recruit training, as soon as that is completed then we’ll move to the various departments. I believe in starting at the top and as such, we’ve already said to the senior officers that all senior officers will be vetted.” 



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+1 #1 Ex Cop 2017-03-06 17:24
Throughout the 1980's Our Police Force was second to none, but over the past two decades; it has lost some footing. I strongly believe, that these two elements or items will go a long way in strengthening its image. It will be admirable, if its members do not play to legalistic, but instead demonstrate their true love for their country and job. Show all that in the absence of a law compelling you to undergo such exercises, that you really put our nation first. Remember this, The Police Credit Union was thrust down the organization's throat and what a success story it is. Its founder Stanley V. Franks must be credited for this bold step back then.

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