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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The opposition St Kitts Nevis Labour Party has indicated that it would support the integrity in public life legislation in parliament.

Opposition Leader Denzil Douglas gave that commitment while urging the Team Unity administration to make that a priority along with a proposed Freedom of Information Act.

“We as a team in our parliament were the ones who brought to the parliament and successfully passed the Integrity in Public Life Act. Of course, there was concern with regard to the operationalisation of this particular act. The government of the day in opposition was very vocal that in the first 100 days it would bring life to this piece of legislation, it was already passed in our parliament and today we do not have it. We therefore as opposition members in the parliament say clearly to the government and the citizens of this country that we are willing are willing to lend of our support. In fact, I want to use this medium and say we demand that this piece of legislation be operationalized, we challenge the government to bring it to the parliament, we demand that be brought now. We also demand that the Freedom of Information Act be brought to our parliament and are prepared to demonstrate our demand by going to the streets next week Friday and demonstrate the citizens of the country and the world that we demand that the government bring to the parliament and to full operationalization the Freedom of Information Act, the Integrity in Public Life Act and also if possible the marijuana or gang bill which we believe should be debated in the parliament of our country.”

Prime Minister Timothy Harris has been sending strong signals that he is not convinced about going the route of decriminalizing marijuana.

Opposition Leader Douglas, a medical doctor, is insisting however, that the issue should be debated.

“We believe that there are several reasons for the application of marijuana medicinally. We believe that the time has come for us to debate in our parliament the decriminalization of marijuana, marijuana use in particular, having this particular scourge removed from the records of a lot of our citizens who we believe should not be treated as criminals in the use of marijuana in limited quantities and amounts but instead it should be treated as a medical problem, a health issue.”

Opposition leader Douglas’s comments were in response to a caller on his Kyss FM radio programme Tuesday (Feb 28).

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