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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The targeting of Team Unity critics in mainstream media and on social networks has been denounced by Operation rescue’s Dwyer Astaphan.

Astaphan has been consistent in urging the government to make its good governance election promise a key priority.

The Operation Rescue official is blaming the leadership of the coalition for what he describes as an untenable situation.

“The assassinating continuing you know, not literal assassination, you stand up and talk for principle you get assassinated verbally. You get isolated, marginalized, abused, called all kinds of things. You’re integrity is assassinated, your character and good name are assassinated, principles and values are assassinated because of the kind of leadership. It is not a leadership that is bathed in goodness and humility and altruism and genuine service of the people. They’ve assassinated the instruments of governance, the institutions of the country and their surrogates are on social media under fake names saying all manner of nasty things about people, rather than respecting and representing the dignity of their ancestors who were physically in bondage were mentally always free and determined to leave the message for future generations that you come from something good. Look at our behavior that is very much a function of bad leadership, good leaders get people to follow good behavior.”

Although the government ministers hitting back at their critics at recent Team Unity 

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+3 #1 Jeffrey L Donovan 2017-03-09 15:41
Team Unity articulated the right to freedom of speech within the confines of the law as part of its platform, but now that they are in office, they seem to be getting very agitated whenever something is said that is not to their liking. Telling people to turn off their radio because persons may have expressed views Team Unity do not like is bordering on dictatorship, and definitely an attempt to muzzle persons who speak their opinion. Team Unity should embrace criticisms and work to make the Federation better. No one is going to please everyone and if the Government keeps doing the right thing, it will eventually overshadow the negative. Verbal castration is not the way to respond.

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