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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Former national security minister Dwyer Astaphan is describing as alarming, the attack by gun-toting individuals who opened fire on the home and vehicle of Deputy Prime Minister Shawn Richards.

Richards’ Sandy Point home and his private vehicle were fired upon just after 3 am on Friday.

The Deputy Prime Minister and his family members were inside the residence at the time but were not injured.

The matter is under Police Investigation.

Operation Rescue’s Astaphan, in an interview with WINN FM, said such an attack is a very serious matter.

“Very alarming! One must ask the question does somebody want to damage him hurt him and if so why? Does somebody want to put fear in him and if so why? Or on a larger scale does somebody want to fear in the Sandy Point community or the national community, after all he’s the Deputy Prime Minister, and if so why? Does someone want to destabilize and if so why? If this were just a regular citizen it would be troubling, but being the Deputy Prime Minister it is exponentially more troubling. Unfortunately we live in an age and in a cultural environment where so many people are numb to these dastardly things that it might wear off very quickly until the next incident.”

WINN FM asked how should the police tackle the incident?

“The police will have to be very aggressive in investigating the matter, they will have to provide him with security whether he likes it or not.   I would imagine that he would have his own private electronic security at this home cameras and that sort of thing, but he has to move around so he will need security. As I said this could be something personal, it could be something political, it could be something neither of the above just that someone is being terribly malicious and reckless with regard to the implications and consequences.”

WINN FM also asked to what extent should the other government ministers be on the alert.

“Everybody should be on the alert because something like this could trigger a response that causes a re-occurrence maybe toward somebody else, God forbid, and then you have recrimination and this thing becomes uglier and uglier for everybody and when big fish are targeted and the recriminations take place then very often the smaller fish gets hurt and burned in the process. It’s a very serious matter.”

When asked what advice he would give to the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Astaphan said ‘He needs to be careful and he needs to be patient and he needs to be statesman like in what must be a very difficult situation, but people have to get to the bottom of this, this happened for a reason and it can’t be any good reason for it but there is a reason and that needs to be identified.”

Labelling the situation as alarming is that over-reacting?

“I don’t think so I’m trying to put myself in that situation and if anybody’s house and car gets shot up especially in this day and age especially in this time when so many vicious crimes are unresolved. What happened if he were in it, what if a stray bullet hit him and killed him, the Deputy Prime Minister assassinated, think of the implications internally and externally for the country. People are going to want to get to the bottom of it, it is a very, very serious matter” Astaphan said.


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0 #2 Calvin V. Lake 2017-03-15 21:55
I am a brown black man born in Nevis. I am not surprised about this incidents, because these are the is issues why black nations cannot excel macroeconomical ly.. black people continue to fight amongst themselves, rather than put their differences aside and work together for the betterment of the country...this is why they call us niggers!
+1 #1 Jeffrey L Donovan 2017-03-13 17:42
I have not seen or heard any outcry from the opposition on this heinous, barbaric and bellicose attack on Hon. Richards’s residence and automobile. Regardless of differing political ideologies, this should not factor in condemning what transpired in the swiftest and strongest terms. Civility and morality should supersede personal opinions Parliamentarian s may have about each other. Behavior like this, particularly involving shooting, is very troubling and is a dangerous road to travel. With the opposition silence so deafening, one has to wonder about the type of message it is sending to the youths. If there was verbal or written condemnation from the Opposition, someone please let me know. Maybe I missed something.

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