St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The Nevisian Association of Washington DC reports having shipped 52 beds to Nevis last month, with an additional eight to be delivered in a future shipment.

According to the Association, the mechanical hospital beds are a donation to from Transitions Healthcare Capitol City Nursing Home. 

It says the beds and urinals are valued in excess of 12,000 US dollars, and are expected to arrive in Nevis this week.

The association says the donation was facilitated by Nevisian Physician, Dr. Gilbert Daniel - the Medical Director of the Transitions Healthcare Capitol Hill.

While explaining the usefulness of the beds, Dr Daniel said one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality in the convalescent population is Aspiration Pneumonia.  

He said the beds will help with easing that problem because aspiration can be prevented by elevating the patient's head at 45 degrees during and immediately after feeding.

The beds donated are equipped with side railing, designed to prevent patients from falling off the bed. 

The ability to raise the beds also reportedly reduces the back and knee stress on nursing staff as they maneuver patients. 

The Nevisian Association of Washington DC has indicated that the beds will be distributed between the St. Georges Nursing home and the Flamboyant Nursing home.  



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