St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); Dozens of contractors and professional tradesmen from both St. Kitts and Nevis attended Christophe Harbour’s recent Sub contractor Job Fair with the hopes of securing work at the expanding real estate project on the South East Peninsula.

The real estate development company is looking for plumbers, electricians, tilers, steel crafters, carpenters, builders, roofers, engineers and other professional tradesmen.

Newell Shanklin, Director of Construction with the Christophe Harbour Development Company, speaking with WINNFM about participation in the job fair held at the Newtown Community Centre on April 11.

“I think it was very successful. We had a great turnout. We met a lot of new and great guys plus some familiar faces from years ago. Christophe Harbour started nine years ago so a lot of the guys came out in from before that we did know and we had a lot o guys come in that we’d never seen before.

“Although I’d hoped more would turn out from Nevis we had probably five or six contractors from Nevis and I talked to probably sixty contractors from St. Kitts. 

“Typically in the world of contracting it’s word of mouth or referral, so if we don’t know about the subcontractors and contractors we can’t employ them, so having the event at a central location where everybody could meet in the same space and exchange contact information, learn about Christophe Harbour, the types of work we have upcoming, the multiple sources of work on Christophe Harbour. So there’s opportunity to work for Christophe Harbour as a subcontractor and there are other contractors presently engaged on projects that are also sources of work.”     

Mr. Shanklin said there are job openings right now and opportunities in the near future for sub contractors and professional tradesmen at the various projects ongoing at the Christophe Harbour Development.

“We will start contacting them, so between the seven companies that were represented at the job fair that are sources of work at Christophe Harbour, that’s only going to grow.

“Yes there are jobs right now we are looking to subcontract so we’re basically going to build a database from the contacts we got, we’re going to get them sorted by trade. So whether it’s Christophe Harbour Development epartment or the Facilities department, we have work where we are actively seeking contractors and subcontractors now. Also we have some houses under conceptual design right now and we’re getting ready to submit drawings to the Planning Department for permits, so those general contractors will also be seeking subcontractors for those projects.

“In-house we have a restaurant coming up at the marina village that’s in conceptual design and once that building gets started we will be employing a General Contractor who will employ subcontractors. We’re also getting ready to get the remaining six holes of the golf course started, we have real estate opening up around the golf course; we’re getting ready to put in infrastructure at an area called Pavilion Hill and Sand Bank, there’s going to be more real estate there- actually some of those lots have already sold and there are houses in design for those lots. 

“So we do have a lot of work coming up and I think the more we build, the more the volume is going to pick up      

Qualified professionals who missed the job fair can still apply by collecting registration forms at Christophe Harbour Offices at the Bay View Commercial Complex in Frigate Bay or the Labour Department, or the Contractors Association at the CAP Southwell Industrial site.



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