St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Officials of the country's electricity company say the first week of SKELEC's "Customer Appreciation Month," has been eventful for the utility company.

On the government’s “Working for You" programme on May 3rd, SKELEC announced two new policies that they hope will improve customer experience.

E-biz, SKELEC's new online platform, is an electronic service that allows customers to pay their electricity bills online.

According to the Public Relations Officer of SKELEC, Gawain Fraites, E-biz also has a calculator that can estimate the cost of a customer's next bill, an area where customers can submit service requests, and customers can view their bill history from five years prior, as well as their daily electricity usage.

There is also now a Deferred Payment Plan, intended to enhance customer service as well.

It allows customers who are overdue in payments, to make a 20 percent deposit on their debts and have the remaining balance paid in installments over a maximum of 36 months.

Acting General Manager of SKELEC, Ms. Pearl Williams said, “A customer who is in arrears 90 days plus can come into the office, we would expect a 20 percent deposit on your arrears and then the balance of the arrears we will divide it up in installments. We do a maximum of 36 months installments. Every month you receive your bill, there will be a section on the bill which will be marked installments and every month you will see the exact amount coming out as installments for 36 months if you are given 36 months to pay. But during that time, you will not see any arrears on your bill once you pay your installment and you pay your current usage. So this is available to all residential customers at present we do not offer out deferred payment plan to commercial customers. Commercial customers can still come in and try to work out a payment plan with us but it will not in the structured way as the deferred payment where we give you 36 months to pay. ”

This year's Customer Appreciation Month is being observed under the theme, "I Pledge To Follow Through To Better Serve You".

To press home that point, SKELEC is organizing various activities in celebration of the month.

Customer Service Manager of SKELEC, Sanshe Thompson, talked about some of these activities.

“Normally throughout the month we would visit a number of our primary schools, just to give them an idea of what SKELEC is all about. This afternoon we are having our consumer visits; this is the time we set aside for our commercial customers more so, this is where we get feedback on how we can improve on our services, et cetera. The official week of activities is actually from the 22nd to the 26th that is our focus week.”



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