St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The new Music Festival Committee is already looking at the 2018 hosting of the annual event to see what changes if any will be made.

Chairman of the Festival Committee Damion Hobson speaking with WINN FM:

“On Saturday we held a Retreat with the management and executive committee as well a few of the past chairpersons and a few of the major sponsors. The purpose of it was to look at our mission, our goals, whether they were still applicable that were set in 1996; how we could tweak them, what needed to be changed, and coming up with a plan for the 2018 St. Kitts Music Festival.”

WINN: Any major changes for the upcoming festival?

Festival Chairman: “I think the focus will be on the experience at the festival- that I one of the things that needs to get better, so from an experience point of view it will certainly get a lot, lot better.”

WINN: Does the Committee plan to release the full artiste lineup earlier than in years prior?

Festival Chairman: Yes; that is the mandate, to get it out earlier. I would want to say by February all of the artistes should be released and people know who’d coming well ahead of time.”

WINN: The Festival clashes with the BET Awards which affects the availability of artistes, has the Committee found any way to rectify that problem?

Festival Chairman: “That is something we’re discussing right now and that’s one of the reasons we need to book early. Once you wait until January most of them have the commitment to BET, so if you get them early you’re more able to get some of the artistes you want.” 

WINN: Is the Committee considering any restructuring of the format for Music Festival?

Festival Chairman: “One of the things that came out of the retreat is that we’re moving away from a 3-day concert night to a 10-day festival which includes three nights of concerts.

“So we’re going to be looking to the private sector much more for events which allows the patrons and visitors to cone and experience the entire St. Kitts over a 10-day period. So that is one of the main things we’re trying to drive for 2018 and hopefully over the next couple of weeks we’ll be meeting with a number of private sector entities to see how we can partner with them to create an entire festival and not just the concentration on three concert nights.”

Chairman Hobson assured that the Committee would adopt a consultative approach to Festival plans by engaging the public for feedback as much possible.


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